Frequently Ask Questions

  1. What type of work does Omega Metals perform?
    • We are an architectural metal fabricator. We specialize in working hand in hand with the glass and curtain wall industry to supply custom aluminum, steel and stainless steel.
  2. Where does Omega Metals ship?
    • While most of our customers are located on the east coast to Houston Tx. Omega Metals ships nationwide and to Canada to assure that all of our current and potential customers are taken care of.
  3. What finishes can Omega Metals Provide?
    • We provide a standard red oxide finish for most of our steel products but can also provide hot dipped galvanize and powder coat finishes. For aluminum we can provide painted (both Duracron and Duranar) as well as anodizing in Clear I, II, Black, Dark Bronze, Light Bronze, and Champagne.
  4. What type of projects do you do?
    • Omega Metals prides itself on being able to take care of our customers whether it is a small job or long running large project. Our goal is to make sure that all projects and customers get the absolute best treatment and quality that this industry demands.
  5. Do you sell stock steel or aluminum items?
    • Omega Metals does not keep any stock materials for sale. All materials we buy from our vendors are on a job to job basis.