Aluminum Products


Omega is pleased to offer our customers the ability to get custom cladding for their aluminum or stainless needs. We can create any type of custom cladding for whatever the job may be with lengths up to 240”. We have highly experienced staff to assist you with your cladding needs and a technology to provide accurate size and shapes.

Column Covers

Column covers from Omega metals provide protection from the elements and give architects and developers many design options. As with all our metal products, a wide variety of anodized and painted aluminum finishes are available. The precisely formed curves are specifically designed for ease of installation.

Omega has can service the needs of those looking for custom made column covers in aluminum or stainless steel. We offer an array of locking systems and can roll columns up to 136” in length.

Coping Panels

One of our specialties is our ability to provide custom roof coping for all kinds of buildings around the country, including universities, schools, skyscrapers and other innovative architectural designs. With the ability to bend brake metal from 1ft to 20ft on our press brakes we have the ability to bring your design to life. Our work is custom crafted specifically for your building needs.

Brake Shapes & Metal Work

Because we are an architectural fabricator we stand behind our name. Have something that isn’t coping or a typical project? Challenge us! Our scope is broad and our knowledge of architectural fabrication runs deep with over a century’s worth of experience between our employees Omega Metals is here to handle all your fabrication needs.

Extrusion Assembly

Extrusion cutting, notching, drilling, welding, brushing and machining have been something Omega Metals has done very well for our customers over the years. We also provide the service of assembling your extrusions with Hilti embeds, if applicable, or any other condition that would allow us to cut your costs and expedite your materials getting to the field. As a trusted provider of custom aluminum extrusion, we also offer additional services in accordance with your exact specifications, needs and budget in mind.


Omega offers a wide array of dies to produce your custom aluminum or stainless flashing to ensure that your construction project has just the right weather resistant barrier it needs and deserves. We can brake aluminum up to 240” in length and stainless in standard 120” and 144” lengths (customization is possible please inquiry first). Whether flashing for your project is exposed or concealed, we have just the right custom flashing to meet your needs.

Plasma Cutting

Today’s advanced technology makes plasma cutting aluminum quick, affordable and easy. The benefits of plasma cutting include ease of use, higher quality cuts and faster travel speeds. Omega is pleased to offer our customers the capability to have custom cut parts via our 60” x 168” Plasma table. We are able to custom cut any type of thick plates (up to 1.25”), ornamental panels, custom designs, gussets, shear blocks, etc. in both aluminum and steel.

Sunshade Outriggers

Sunshade outriggers designed to provide increased aesthetics, maximum shading and energy-saving potential have been a large part of our identity around the US for the last decade. We provide the custom sunshades and their brackets to curtain and window wall companies for assembly or they have the option of sending the foils to us directly for a full sunshade assembly to ship directly to the job or customer. We are flexible and we are here to satisfy the needs of multiple different clients’ needs.